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How to choose the right modular kitchen for home is a challenge
There are different types of modular kitchen. A few are given below
  • Straight Sleek modular kitchens
  • L-shape modular kitchen
  • Island type modular kitchen
  • Parallel shaped modular kitchen

Arancia-Best Modular Kitchen in Kochi, Kerala.Your kitchen may have the desired looks and functionality. However, it should also reflect the personality of the occupants. The kitchen is an important space in the house. However, most kitchens are very predictable in terms of design, content and storage. A dose of imagination and a little investment can give a fresh as well as original look and feel to this favorite space.

We look at ways to add personality to your favourite kitchen.

  1. Install a copper sink
  2. Copper material is a favourite of many. The former has been used for a long time in Indian kitchens. A copper sink gives a fresh dimension to your kitchen's hygiene as well as personality.

  3. Put in art items
  4. In the endeavour to make a kitchen functional we omit to style it like the other spaces in the home. Placing artistic pieces in the kitchen close to units and tools brings the style and design of other spaces in the house to the kitchen

  5. Add the nature's touch
  6. You may have many flower pots occupying the windowsills. Place your favourite flower pot in the centre of the kitchen. The flower reflects your emotions, dreams as well as inclinations. It also indicates your closeness to mother nature. If you don't like flowers place alternatives such as pots of fresh herbs. Put the latter in a strategic place so that it catches everyone's attention.

  7. Place a gorgeous dining table
  8. The dining table should be well lighted and spacious. Its colour should complement the kitchen's interiors. A comfortable and well-designed dining table will do the job. Add in elegant dining chairs as well as low-hung pendant lighting to deliver a memorable and enchanting experience.

  9. Introduce warmth with a rug
  10. An attractive, high quality and thick rug below the dining table and covering the entire kitchen bottom space conveys warmth and adds comfort. It underlines the welcoming host that you are to your friends, family and others.

    Other ways to add personality to the kitchen include using wooden handles to the cabinets, have a rack with books as well as using light colours to make your kitchen look spacious.


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